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Hey ladies and gents!

Is it me? Or did 2017 swing by so quickly!!! We are in our last quarter of the year and have approximately 2 months of 2017 to go before 2018. WOW! How many of us have been having a great year? Whether it is financially, physically or even mentally? I’m sure we all have experienced some challenges or obstacles throughout the year (I can admit to that) But I’m here to spread some knowledge and positivity.

Just like in April, I want to discuss personal finance and educate individuals about it. This is when I realized that Americans had a “Financial Literacy Month”; in April while us Canadians do not have one until November. So it’s only fair to do at least 2 series a year for Financial Literacy. The first series was about “Getting out of Financial Crisis”; feel free to take a look to be reacquainted or being introduced for the first time. I thought this second series would be about building wealth.

Let me recap on why Financial Literacy Month is very important, especially with regards to building wealth. How many of us can say that they have a savings of 3-6 months’ worth of expenses? How many of us can say that they are consumer debt free? How many of us can say that their retirement funds are taken care of? Hey, not even I could raise my hands on all the questions but I can tell you this, by the end of November I will be consumer debt free and continue to save and build my wealth!

This time around my main goal will still be to Learn, Educate, Achieve, Discuss, Execute, Research and Share (LEADERS, see what I did there) with each other. So feel free to tune in on this month-long journey. I will not only be having my weekly posts but also share personal experiences, provide articles from others and videos (mine and others). I would also love to have a heart to heart discussion whether it is privately done or shared through my social media or website, which will have my tips, advice or feedback. Remember the main goals are to become LEADERS for the future, and we can’t do it alone!

I decided to provide an agenda for the month of November; however, this could change throughout the month. But here’s an idea of the factors we will tackle and hopefully discuss:

Week 1: Improving your mindset & Dave Ramsey Baby steps
Week 2: Minimizing expenses & Preparing for the Holidays
Week 3: Saving for rainy days & Long-term (Retirement)
Week 4: Investing for beginners

All I ask is for everyone to share this as much as possible and to participate the best that we can. Remember Let us be financially fit together!

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