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Kamille Smith

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I am Kamille, a Toronto-born and Jamaican-raised woman and a lover of life, food, travelling, fitness, and finance. The story begins once I graduated from Ryerson University with my Bachelor Degree of Commerce for Finance in 2011. I always had the love for numbers from when I was a child, but I realized how much I love helping people especially financially. Fast forward to a year and a bit; I decided to live abroad in South Korea as an ESL Teacher in 2013. (This ended up being one of the best decisions of my life!!) Two years and half years later I’m back in Toronto trying to figure out my true calling. In my past 5 years of graduating, I noticed a couple of things.

Update: Nov 2018 – I only have one more continent to touch in the future.

1. I love taking pictures (yes I am a proudly self-proclaimed “photographer”)!!!! Whether it’s of food, scenery, selfies or just random things

2. I love working out!! I’m secretly a gym head, but time to time need someone to motivate or I need to motivate someone else.

3. I love food!! I consider myself as a foodie! If you ever see me eating, you’ll also see me dancing or having a big smile on my face. I am willing to try the various international cuisines at one point or another, with hopes of increasing world pallet.

4. I really enjoy helping people!! Whether it’s helping kids or adults improve with their English, helping others with their finances or even listening to your problems and trying to be there for you emotionally. I’m that person and don’t worry your secrets are safe with me. I have a tendency of bringing laughter when someone is down but always can be serious when the time is right

5. I love to travel!!! Ever since I graduated I’ve been travelling quite a bit. I’ve been to different Provinces and Territory in Canada (British Columbia, Quebec and Yukon), different states in USA (New York, Florida, Ohio and New Jersey), and different islands in the Caribbean (Jamaica, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Maarten and Turks and Caicos) and even been in different countries in Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Dubai), Europe (Spain and Amsterdam)  and Africa (Morocco and Egypt).

One day over a Pho, I thought to myself.

Self: “as a food loving photographer, what would your blog be about if you were going to make one”

So I thought to combine my two true love: fitness and finances.
– This is for the individuals that love to travel but don’t have the finances to do so. I’ve been there and I’ve done things (legally of course. ..) to manage to go on my travels in the past few years.

– This is for the individuals that don’t know have the right motivation to exercise. I’m here for you, I wish I could say I’ve always had the perfect body (even I’m insecure about my body sometimes…) but let me help you stay accountable for your fitness goals as I’m doing every day.

– This is for the individuals that have been through some different and/or difficult situations and want someone to listen or give tips. I’ll do my best to be there for you. I’ve been through a couple things and can give tips or advice on how to overcome things.

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time. I hope you’re ready to reshape your IQ in fitness and finance.

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